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"Beating out London, Italy, Patagonia, Antarctica, and other high-profile vacation destinations, Panama was rated by the New York Times as the top place to go in 2012" – and for good reason! Panama offers a sound legal system, a strong economy, and a beautiful yet affordable standard of living, so it is no surprise Panama’s rate of tourism and foreign investment are dramatically increasing. 

Panama is a promising investment for numerous reasons. For 110 years, Panama has had a fixed exchange rate of 1:1 with the US dollar, although for the last 70 years, Panama has favored the use of the US dollar as the currency of trade. As a resident of the United States, you can keep life simple in your new found Panamanian paradise knowing your income (up to $80,000 USD annually) is not taxable within Panama. Due to the recently implemented “pensioneros” program, citizens of the United States who invest in Panama are exempt from property taxes for up to 20 years as well as from taxes on imported household goods and automobiles. Panama’s residency incentive
program truly allows you to have the best of both worlds: citizenship in the United States, and residency within a strong and dependable, yet relaxing and carefree haven between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Panama and the United States have a history of excellent relations, with the latest collaboration being the passing of the free trade agreement by the United States. The agreement qualifies over 87% of US exports to Panama as duty-free, with products including information technology equipment, construction equipment, medical supplies and technology, a variety of food items, and more. This agreement allows for the strengthening of the current and future economic conditions of the United States and Panama, while also allowing Panamanian residents and investors the comforts of home while abroad. In addition, the Panamanian government extended an equally beneficial agreement, ensuring the same rights and protection for foreign nationals as for Panamanian citizens who buy real estate in Panama.

Whether you want to enjoy a night out in Latin America’s first Waldorf Astoria, learn to surf off a private beach, explore a Central American rainforest, visit numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, or shop the world’s 2nd largest free trade zone, Panama holds the key. Come and see the magical place 3.6 million citizens get to call home, and discover why many more are calling Panama their 2nd home!

Some signs of the economic condition:

  • Construction of a $1.5billion subway system (Panama Metro Line)
  • Multi-billion dollar expansion of the Panama Canal which will double the Canal’s cargo capacity
  • Annual economic growth rate of 6.2% or higher since 2009
  • GDP growth rate of 10.7% in 2012
  • Over 90 banking institutions which compete on equal terms and are licensed and regulated by the Banking Supervisory Authority (Superintendencia de Bancos)
  • Airport expansion, estimated at $200million
  • Energy generation projects
  • Construction of the region’s tallest building

For more information on how you can access Panama, please Contact Us. With a longstanding history in the United States and Panama, the sister companies of GUARDIAN REALTY,INC. and ZONIAN INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE, S.A. can assist with every step of your Panamanian journey.

Whether you are looking for a retirement property, a vacation home, or a sound investment, ZONIAN INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE, S.A. is here for you! Our direct connections in Panama can also assist in additional Panamanian investments, including opening a corporation, obtaining a visa, general immigration services, and other legal matters.




















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